What is Indirect Bonding?

Indirect Bonding is a way for Antigua Orthodontics to ensure the proper bracket placement with the utmost precision on each individual tooth.. What this means for you is less time in the chair when your braces are bonded to your teeth! It also means less time with those cheek retractors holding your mouth wide open.

How is Indirect Bonding done?

Indirect bonding starts with creating a mold of your teeth. This process only takes a few minutes and when complete provides us with an exact replica of your mouth. From there, we create a model of your teeth. When this is complete, Dr. Faunce uses her knowledge and experience in biomedical engineering of vectors and forces, as well as her knowledge and experience in orthodontic and facial musculoskeletal systems, and meticulously positions each bracket precisely where it should go on each tooth. The final step involves creating a custom tray that allows us to transfer the brackets from the model to your teeth.

By taking the time to place the brackets in the proper position on the model, it eliminates the difficult process of placing orthodontic brackets directly on the teeth. It also takes much less time and is more comfortable for the patient.

Once your custom tray is finished, your braces are ready to be attached to your teeth. Indirect bonding allows all of your brackets to be placed at once, taking the traditional braces installation time from around 40-60 minutes down to just 15-25 minutes.

The process of Indirect Bonding is typically more accurate than traditional bracket placement because the model can be rotated 360 degrees to visualize every angle and detail of the placement. This allows Antigua Orthodontics to immediately start moving the patient’s teeth from day one. The quickness of the bonding process also eliminates loose brackets. It’s state of the art technology right here on the First Coast!